Sébastien Audinelle was born and raised near Paris, France. Although he started his career as a musician, graduating from the C.I.M (Paris Musical Information Center), when he moved to Chicago in 2000, he decided to try his hand at another creative field – video and photography. Sébastien  spent a couple of years as both a cameraman and editor working on local commercials, broadcast programming and music videos for a production company.  His experience there was a great introduction to working fast and efficiently.

Since then Sébastien has done a significant amount of freelance work, filming for different local production companies and networks.  He has worked on projects as varied as films, TV Series, commercials, documentaries, live events… collecting credits as DP/camera operator.  In 2007, Sébastien became interested in a different way of moving the camera, hence his interest in Steadicam. He participated in an intensive workshop taught by Jerry Holway, a highly respected Steadicam operator in the industry.  As a trained musician, the Steadicam felt like an instrument in his hands that he could use to add dimension and dynamic movement to whatever he was filming. He now does as much Steadicam work as possible and assists with local workshops where he shares his knowledge and passion about Steadicam with students. Always trying to perfect his knowledge and technical skills, Sébastien targets projects with an international focus that combine his love for film and travel.